Les Vinyes del Convent can be defined in four words: Origin / Quality / Proximity / Tribute


Les Vinyes del Convent was born to pay tribute to a family that dedicated two centuries to the world of wine.
Son, grandson and great-grandson of wine growers rooted to Horta de Sant Joan and its vineyards, Elías Gil Bel launched this new project to honour his family surname and his love for vines and for his village.


Les Vinyes del Convent is also a step back in time to the origins. Horta de Sant Joan is the birthplace of the Gil family. After decades of experience, and with great passion for oenology, Elías Gil chose Horta to create his most personal project to pay tribute to his ancestors and the love they all share for the world of wine. 


Les Vinyes del Convent aims to achieve the highest possible quality. The vines grow in unique landscapes, with a strong footprint of the territory and a firm commitment to the Grenache variety, the emblem variety of the Terra Alta region. The winery is equipped with the latest technology, so all factors add up to create the very best wines.


The wines, which are the result of proximity viticulture, have also been conceived to be consumed within the more local scope. From inland to the sea, and with the Ebro river and Els Ports Nature Park clearly present.