White grenache of great finesse and elegance. A markedly unique wine due to the exclusivity of the surroundings where grows, Els Ports Nature Park. Mas Satorres is produced from vines that grow swaying in the sea breeze that blows inland, transferring to the wine all the aromas and flavours of a unique landscape.

PREPARATION: The Mas de Satorres estate is located in the heart of Els Ports Nature Park. This is where the grapes are carefully selected and only the best ones reach the winery. The whole grape is transported to the stainless steel tanks where it ferments. With the carefully selected whole fruit, the grape will maintain all the essence of the variety and of the land, transferring all the character of the territory.

ALC. STRENGTH: 13% vol.

Attractive straw yellow colour with green hints of youth. Aroma of great finesse, with marked features of the territory, salty hints, great freshness and glyceride aftertaste. The end of the wine is persistent and long-lasting, leaving ripe citrus fruit flavours. A gastronomic wine to be enjoyed with a wide range of dishes thanks to its character: aperitifs, fishes baked in salt or roast, mild cheeses, rice dishes with fish or vegetables.

UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve
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